Can we purchase the ANNEES Blend Ground Coffee without the kit?

Yes, the ANNEES Blend Ground Coffee is available for purchasing in store locations individually and as a bundle of two bags online.

How many people will the A-Phin Starter Kit serve?

It serves one to two people depending on how strong you like to sip.

How many coffees can you make with the 250g bag?

If serving one person, the 250g bag may yield from 4-8 coffees, depending on if you prefer to drink a lighter or stronger coffee.

Can you use the ANNEES Blend Ground Coffee without an A-Phin Filter?

We recommend using an A-Phin Filter to brew your ANNEES, as this yields the best full-bodied and rich flavourful coffee.

You can try using your own coffee brewing apparatus, however, those methods aren't tried and tested by us and we can't guarantee it will be as amazing as using our A-Phin Filter!

Where does ANNEES Blend Ground Coffee come from?

ANNEES coffee is all sourced directly from Vietnam.

What makes Vietnamese Coffee different?

Vietnamese coffee is made using primarily robusta beans, which are known for their strong, bold flavour.

What is special about Robusta beans?

These beans are grown in Vietnam's Central Highlands region, which has a unique climate and soil that are perfect for growing robusta beans. Robusta beans have a higher caffeine content and has more antioxidant than arabica beans, which gives Vietnamese coffee its distinctively strong and energising effect.

What is an A-Phin Filter?

Our blog will tell you all you need to know!

Any more questions? 

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