Our first ever at home coffee kit, the A-Phin Starter Kit! ⁠

From the tiny hole-in-the-wall store at Rustys Market, to the comfort of your own home, the ANNEES journey unfolded. With a mission to provide A-Piece of Happiness wherever you are, we embarked on a quest to bring the essence of ANNEES straight to the comfort of your own home.

Guest Matthew Nevin pictured with his A-Phin Starter Kit

With three years in the making, the launch of the A-Phin Starter Kit was a huge milestone for us. Annee wanted to make the experience available for all long distance ANNEES guests, as well as making ANNEES available at home! ⁠

Every detail of the A-Phin Starter Kit was carefully planned with our guests in mind. From the product and packaging design, to the recipe videos and how to brew guide; our Marketing team curated the experience to ensure the A-Phin Starter Kit provides a foundation for connections to be built and happiness to be shared.


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