Taking on Townsville

Motivated to prove the Sharks wrong, Annee decided to expand!

Without any investors or business partners, Annee dug deep and stuck to the core mission and values of ANNEES.

Deciding to expand the empire to Townsville was easy, close enough to Cairns and a similar hot climate, this could only mean one thing - MASSIVE iced coffee fans!

The original A-Team at Otto's Market Warrina

Annee found a small store at Otto's Market Warrina that would serve as a good introduction to Townsville. Focusing on connection, she hired an A-Team that would be able to provide Townsville with A-Piece of Happiness. They had to be kind, motivated, positive and excited about the mission and purpose. With the perfect location and an amazing A-Team standing by, we were ready to take on Townsville.

The line up at ANNEES Otto's Market Warrina location

After missed flights and a comedy of errors, Annee was more determined than ever to pull off a successful launch to the Townsville community. The Townsville launch was a great success with a HUGE line up, happy A-Team Members and even happier guests. Although the journey to opening a Townsville location was treacherous, the support from the Townsville community was all worth it.