The Shark Tank Experience⁠

This girl literally doesn't stop.

In 2018, Annee made her television debut on Shark Tank.  It wasn't just to seek a monetary investment, but rather the advice and expertise of the Sharks. At the time, Annee knew she wanted to scale the business, but didn't have the resources to do this on the large scale she dreamt of.

Annee Nguyen talking on Shark Tank Australia.

Pregnant with her first child, Annee pitched to the Sharks, "The experience of going on Shark Tank was very inspiring... it's got me pretty damn motivated!".

While some Sharks doubted the success of the business after having a baby, Annee did not let it stop her, "One of the sharks, Janine from Boost Juice said that since I'm having a baby my business would slow down. So I went and opened more shops soon after I had my babies".

Annee Nguyen on Shark Tank

The Shark Tank experience was invaluable for Annee and her business. The feedback from the Sharks fuelled Annee to focus on the vision, mission and values. This only reinforced her passion and perseverance to build connections with her guests through a shared love of Vietnamese coffee.

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