ANNEES first A-Team Member! ⁠

With a new spot in the market and an ever-growing community, Annee enlisted the help of our first ever A-Team Member.

From 2015, Annee has been growing an A-Team of genuine, resilient,  motivated and passionate people who align with her purpose and build connections with guests from the start! ⁠

First A-Team Member Cherie on the left with Annee on the right.

She knew that building the right team was imperative to the success of the company and delivering a positive impact in the community, "During those times, I had guests who would come in, not just for the coffee, but I believed that they came to see my team and I, and to feel a genuine happiness when they left.".

Annie having fun with a wig on

At the heart of ANNEES is our purpose to provide A-Piece of Happiness. This empowers everything we do, from the handwritten names on cups to the careful selection of the A-Team. Here, everyone is encouraged to practice gratitude and show compassion. Everyone is valued for their own uniqueness and we make sure that we take the time to listen to one another and our guests.

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