At the heart of Annee’s Caphê is A-Team, and our passion is what keeps us beating strong. We have solid values that set firm standards for our culture. Together we proudly represent our brand, product and what we stand for. Through our vision we make a difference and have an impact on our customers, each other and A-Community. We work hard and together face all challenges by being resilient, and flexible to changes as we progress.

“Our Guiding Principles:

We the A-Team:

  • Are genuine in our practices

  • Have purpose in our roles

  • Demonstrate resilience through challenges

  • Show compassion towards one another

  • Practice gratitude in our lives

We firmly believe that when A-Team truly embodies these values that they will realise and reach not only the companies but their own full potential.”

“Nothing is too challenging for us!”


Just as important as providing the best for our guests, the happiness of our A-Team Members is just as crucial. It is Annee’s goal to ensure that all A-Team Members are well taken care of, and this includes the mental well-being of everyone. We are committed to providing a place of cultivation and advancement, within the shops and on an individual basis.

As an A-Team Member we are proactive, we are confident, strong, and we always grow along-side each other. We want to take steps together and forward because we believe in an equal future for all; where everyone can benefit from the success of Annee’s Caphê Sua Da.

We will thrive together!