One of my fondest memories of Annee’s is when I was in the little hole in the wall shop inside Rusty’s Market, most of you from Cairns would remember this. During those times I had customers who would come in, not just for coffee but I believed that they came to see my team and I, and to feel genuinely happy when they left.


Even if the time spent with us was just for 2 minutes or 20 minutes, our guests were known not just by their names and their orders, but we knew them on a human level. I remember seeing the glimmer in my customer’s eyes when they walked in to Annee's and we would shout out their names in excitement of welcoming them back for a coffee. Even just for a few minutes of their day, they were made to feel valued, connected and happy. That’s what we strive to bring to each and every customer everyday: A-Piece of Happiness through genuine connections.


Annee's is not just a place where our A-Team Members provide happiness, they also practice, and receive it. Our guests reciprocate the same love, respect, and genuine care for our A-Team Members. I see my customers coming to see our team specifically. They know when we are happy and when we are sad, they care about us as individuals and treat us like family.


As a company, I am dedicated to fostering a working environment that is positive and enduring. The A-HQ team and I take our time to support everyone through the challenges they face. Here, our A-Team Members are encouraged to practice gratitude and compassion for one another. Everyone is valued for their own uniqueness and we make sure that we make the time to listen to one another.


My entire A-HQ Team and I work hard to deliver training and education for everyone here, as Annee's is a place growth and advancement. We encourage our team to be mindful of their experiences and relish both the wins and challenges they face, because these are the skill sets they are building to bring on with them for the rest of their lives.


For me personally, I believe happiness is a choice, however, we don’t always make the best choices for ourselves. Therefore, it is a practice we must take everyday of our lives. Practice giving A-Piece of happiness to ourselves and each other.  


My goal is to share my journey of happiness with my team, who are connected to my customers and are connected to the rest of the world.

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