“Our Design & Brand Team shed some light on our history together, their concept store and our recent move into a street cultural, retail landscape.” A-Founder Annee
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We’ve been working with ACSD since 2016 and since then we’ve worked on developing the brand into what it’s known as today.
We first got to know the Caphê back when it was just a hole in the wall. We became regular customers after being intrigued by their process, delivery and unique flavour.

ACSD - BTS PENLAN MERCH from Annee's Caphê Sua Da on Vimeo.

Back then we were in the process of opening up a concept store just up the road. It was then that Annee really began to gain insight into both our previous work as brand and business owners in the realm of street culture and the style and direction we wanted to take Penlan.
From building A-Brand (icon & wordmark), we started working on custom goods and uniforms for ACSD.
As we got more and more involved; our respective cultures began to blur. Becoming more in tune with each other.
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