At Annee's Caphê Sua Da, our core mission is to provide A-Piece of Happiness to each and every person in our A-Community.


We want to share our internal '21 Day Happiness Challenge' with you, so that you can give it a go and we can support you to make a positive impact in your life.


21 Days of Happiness Challenge – Annee's Caphe Sua Da


Annee believes "happiness is a choice, but sometimes we don’t always make the best choices for ourselves. The choices that we make are generally survival instincts that have been passed down to us genetically and as a result of how we have been molded by our environment. However, to constantly live this way is unsustainable. I believe to free ourselves of our struggles, we must focus our energy internally, learn to let go and just be. Choosing to be happy is an active daily practice. I believe once we learn to happy with ourselves and love ourselves, we will learn to love others."


Inspired by Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage, owner Annee challenged the A-Team to take part in a 21 Day Happiness Challenge and now we want to challenge you!


For 21 consecutive days, you must challenge yourself to take part in one of these small daily practices that will lead to greater changes in your life.



Choose at least ONE of the following below to do everyday.


Gratitude: Write down 3 different things everyday that you are grateful for and why?


Positivity: Detail something positive that happened to you in the last 24 hours.


Connection: Take two minutes out of your day to send a text or email to someone in your life, thanking them for something they have done for you.


Breathe: Take two minutes to breathe and listen to your breath, inhale deeply, exhale fully.


Move: Do 15 minutes of cardio or moving your body with no distractions.