While visitors to A-Townsville and A-Cairns get to know their favourite A-Team members in the shop, behind the scenes AHQ is hard at work!

Comprising the Marketing Department, Branding and Design, Operations Management, Administration, and Ownership, AHQ is made up of the A-Team members who swing by quickly once a morning for their favourite coffee before heading to the office to think up new and exciting developments for the brand.

Get to know our very own founder, CEO, and Big Banana, Annee Nguyen!

Early bird or night owl?:

Definitely early bird

Favourite Drink at ACSD:

Long Coconut Signature

Favourite song?

Journey, Don’t Stop Believing

What led you to starting ACSD?

I had always wanted to own a business from as long as I could remember; though I never intentionally sought out to open a 'Vietnamese coffee shop’, coming to Australia and having a chance to start fresh gave me an opportunity to do anything I wanted. I was in Australia for only two months and being on a Working Holiday Visa, I did not need to find a proper office job. I wanted to do something on the weekend to fill my time and make some extra money. Rusty’s Market was the perfect place to start a bootstrapping business with very minimal start up cost. I wanted to provide something different and to do something I was very familiar with. With Cairns climate being tropical and warm and the Australian culture being very passionate about coffee, it was the perfect place to introduce Vietnamese iced coffee.

What is one aspect of being a business owner that surprised you when you started ACSD?

Owning a business is all about building a team. Your team is your business not just your product.

What’s the biggest misconception that people have about your position as the founder of a business?

Hah-- that if I am not in the shop making coffee, I must be at the beach enjoying a cocktail somewhere.

What is one fun thing, big or small, you would love to put in the AHQ office?

A trampoline! Sometimes you're running so high on adrenaline with all that creative thinking, you just need to let that energy out. Anyone in the office can have a jump and scream and be a little kid again!

If you could put an Annee’s anywhere in the world, where would you put it?

Everywhere. Everyone in the world needs A-Piece of Happiness.