Two more ANNEES locations!

Coming off a successful year in 2020, Annee knew that there were still a lot more guests to serve and not enough locations.

To start the year, the team decided to take a chance and release an ANNEES first, collaborating with Luxey Cup to offer our first keep cup. The product was released and sold out within hours, proving our loyal community was ready for more A-Merch.

ANNEES X Luxey Cup, the first keep cup of any kind.

With support of a growing AHQ team, ANNEES popped up at a second Cairns location in Smithfield and opened a second Townsville location at new retail and entertainment development, Flinders Lane. Both stores aimed to service a different area of our community, making the ANNEES experience more accessible.

The line-up for the Smithfield pop-up opening.

These new stores opened with great success, allowing us to expand our A-Team and provide A-Piece of Happiness to an even larger community. ⁠

Now, with four store locations and an increased awareness of ANNEES, our guests continue to shout out which location we should open in next!

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