Guest support like no other!

In 2020, our focus on building community through connection really paid off.

Like the rest of Australia, Cairns and Townsville were locked down, feeling isolated and lonely. We aimed to provide our guests with a sense of community that we were all craving, "We provided a sense of normal life, and human connection that was missing at the time. We had a community longing not just for the coffee but for the people, our A-Team".

Silver wearing a mask

We were able to provide A-Piece of Happiness to our community when the little things really counted. Real human connection, face to face (1.5 metres away) fed our community more than ever. Luckily, we received guest support like no other! ANNEES addicts were calling out for a way to get their fix everyday... This dilemma birthed the idea of the A-Bottle, a take home bottle of our Traditional blend.

ANNEES Take home Traditional Blend

While many businesses slowed down in the pandemic, we were fortunate enough to keep thriving, being able to open a combined warehouse and office location. With the expanding stores and increased demand, the move ensured that all stores and A-Team were appropriately supported.

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