Building the ANNEES identity ⁠

Two whole years of ANNEES and an already fiercely loyal following, Annee knew that her Vietnamese coffee store was not slowing down, and neither was she!

In 2016, Annee took to redesigning her logo to elevate ANNEES further. It was at this time that she met Silve Myrteza, a dedicated guest of ANNEES. Annee had witnessed Silve's talented designs which she sketched while sitting and sipping at the 'hole in the wall' store.

After connecting and discovering Silve was a gifted graphic designer, Annee proposed a collaboration on a redesign of the then named, Annee's Caphê Sua Da logo. Silve got to work on the new designs aiming for a unique but simple look, with strong brand recognition front of mind throughout the design process. To achieve this, Silve played in to the pink straws that were unique to ANNEES at the time.

The logo evolution of Annees, four alternative logos pictured.

While Annee had already differentiated her coffee offering within the crowded Aussie coffee market, the iconic pink straw was the first key identifier of ANNEES. After a few drafts, both Annee and Silve decided on a logo that resonated with Annee's vision for the brand.

The iconic A logo.

Despite the decision to go no-straw and the subsequent ban of plastic straws, the legacy of the pink straw lives on. The pink straw and the stand-out 'A' logo is an important part of our history. This design of the ANNEES logo sparked a long running working relationship with Silve who, seven years later remains the Head of Creative at ANNEES. Silve has thoughtfully constructed our branding in every place you look, to provide A-Piece of Happiness in everything we do.

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