The Journey Begins ⁠

In 2014, Annee served her first Vietnamese iced coffee at Cairns famous Rusty's Market.

On arrival to Australia, our owner and founder Annee Nguyen immediately recognised the robust and rife coffee drinking culture. However, the coffee scene was totally dominated by Italian espresso style coffee and Aussie favourite flat whites.

Annee saw an opportunity to share a piece of her culture with Vietnamese Caphê Sua Da (Vietnamese iced coffee). Annee knew it would be difficult to convert hard core Australian coffee fans, but she knew it would only take a little convincing to try the freshly brewed Vietnamese coffee, and they would be hooked!

Annee Nguyen's original market stall at Rusty's Market Cairns, image shows the original menu and 'rules' Anee created to educate her guests.

You might have seen what you know as 'The Rules of ANNEES', but did you know they're inspired by Annee's OG chalk board? Guiding guests on how to drink and giving a glimpse into the world of Vietnamese coffee;

  • "Do take small sips, as the coffee is full of flavour"

  • "Do shake cup, as ice will help lighten coffee"

  • "Do take time to enjoy the smooth creamy chocolatey flavour!"

  • "DO NOT SHARE! Get your own"


It's these playful rules that allowed hard core espresso lovers to drop their guards and give ANNEES a try.

Annee stands next to her original 2014 stall at Rusty's Market

Soon after stepping foot into Rusty's Market for the first time, Annee realised that it was more than just the delicious coffee her community kept coming back for. With genuine love and care going in to each drink and interaction, Annee created a community of coffee lovers seeking a more lasting connection and experience.

Annee quickly outgrew her market stall and opened the 'hole in the wall', still at Rusty's Market, with room for a little bookshelf, a few chairs and now the iconic mustard yellow couch (IFKYK).

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