HI 5 with KATIE

1. What’s your No.1 drink at Annee’s? Traditional! Annee's Coconut if I'm feeling cheeky.

2. Pineapple on Pizza? Yes, yes, yes-- and heaps of it.

3. Which fictional character best describes you? A cross between Carrie Bradshaw and Bridget Jones; I love to write, I'm a soppy romantic, but I'm also very independent. I'm also less of a mess than Bridge but less glam than Carrie.

4. Where do you want to be in 5 years? Finishing a master’s degree in Communications, and helping open an Annee's in a big city.

5. What are your Top 5 everyday essential items? Strong coffee, My laptop, A great playlist with lots of classic rock, Headphones, A call home to my family in California