Paint surrounds a phone where the image of the A-Mural is on


It is our absolute honour to home this piece by extraordinary Mural Artist, Claire Foxton inside our Flinders Lane store. 

Inspired by Annee's very personal story, the A-Mural encaptures elements from Annee's life and her journey in building 'ANNEES'.  ⁠

the original house in where Annee was born, ⁠

a little blue shack with dirt floors and broken windows...⁠

the year of the Ox, hardworking, reliable and loyal...⁠

3 boats representing the 3 times Annee's Mother ⁠sought refuge during the Vietnam War...⁠

life in Vietnam, America, Australia and ⁠anywhere else in the world - floating lanterns...⁠

the first hole in the wall shop with the yellow couch, ⁠ where everyone felt at home

⁠needless to say, Grandma - strength, resilience, love. ⁠ ⁠

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