Annee’s Caphê A-Team Leader is responsible for overseeing the daily operations and work flow during business hours, meanwhile; providing team leadership and delivering excellent customer service. Leader is held accountable for team motivation, performance, customer service and sales. You must be positive, encouraging, and effective; furthermore, providing a safe and clean work environment.


  • Store Operation

  • Running shop efficiently and oversee team work flow during open hours

  • Capable of opening and closing shop diligently

  • Deliver excellent customer service

  • Build long term relations

  • Have full knowledge of our coffee, brewing process, and all drink details

  • Able to genuinely refer customers to products that are suitable to their tastes

  • Health and Safety

  • Ensure team members carry out all duties in accordance to the Caphê’s health, hygiene, quality and safety standards.

  • Maintain food safety dates, and proper food handling & storage.

  • Safeguard electrical and fire hazards

  • Keep shops clean and presentable at all times

  • Finance

  • Full capability of using cash register and EFTPOS. Will be responsible for cash handling and banking

  • Acquire the knowledge to keep business sustainable and economical

  • Product Development and Sales

  • Contribute in the growth of the Caphê by providing new ideas such as improving process and new product line

  • Create campaigns to increase sales

  • Leadership

  • In charge of role and duty allocation to team members.

  • Able to build and maintain team spirit and motivation.

  • Must acquire effective communication skills to team members in order to motivate and increase productivity.

    Experience Required:

  • Customer service work

  • Leadership role

  • Having experience in hospitality and bar work is desirable.

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