A-Key Holder

We have A-Unique way of running A-Caphê Bar and it’s essential that employees are skillful at adapting to new experiences. ACSD employees are required to work mornings, weekends and must be prepared to maintain flexibility with company growth.

A-Key Holder

In this role, successful applicants are required to work closely and alongside with A-Team Lead.

A-Team Leader is responsible and equipped to uphold all duties and responsibilities of the A-Team Leader when he, she they is not on duty.

A-Key Holder must also acquire strong skills in communications with A-Team and customer relations with A-Community.

Part-time or Full-time hours are available for A-Key Holder position.

Responsibilities included, but are not limited to:

  • Overseeing A-Caphê Bar operation when A-Team Lead is not present

  • Overseeing A-Team work flow during trade when A-Team Lead is not present

  • Capable of opening and closing A-Caphê Bar diligently

  • Deliver excellent customer service and build long term relations with A-Community, A-Team, A-Manger and A-Brand & Marketing

  • Have full knowledge and understanding of A-Signature Coffee

  • Able to genuinely refer A-Community to products suitable to their needs

  • Maintain food safety dates and proper food handling and storage

  • Maintain that A-Team presenting themselves professionally at all times

  • Full capability of using cash register and EFTPOS

  • Responsible for cash handling and banking

  • Knowledge to keep the business sustainable and economical

  • Work alongside A-Team Lead to motivate A-Team spirit

  • Acquire strong communication skills in order to increase productivity with A-Team Lead

  • Open and daily communication with your A-Team, A-Team Lead and A-Manager.

Previous experience in hospitality, leadership and customer service roles are desirable.

Annee’s Caphê Sua Da: “ believes in the greater good of tomorrow.”

Please include: A cover letter along with your resume, detailing why you should become the next A-Key Holder at ACSD!

Expressions of interest are welcomed, please indicate your preferred location of interest.