A-Creative Social Media Marketing Personnel


  • Maintain a social media strategy that includes all aspects of Annee’s Caphê and integrates promotional objectives, current news, trends, etc.  

  • Create innovative content meanwhile upholding a consistent “A-Brand”.

  • Work with all teams across the board, A-Team Members, Team Leads, and Branding & Marketing to ensure all content, branding and promotions are working in sync with one another.

  • Responsible for the growth of all account’s social following, tracking KPIs.

  • Manage multiple accounts across the company: Instagram, Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor and all other review platforms, and provide reporting.

  • Collaborate and build relationships with influencers and local businesses.

  • Has an understanding of holistic marketing solutions that bring value to Annee’s brand and growth.

  • Create monthly reports and propose new initiatives and opportunities as they arise.

  • Regular correspondence with entire team including but not limited to status updates, creative reviews, opportunity proposals, strategic discussions.

  • Build genuine relationships and maintain a consistent and respectable A-Brand.


  • Scheduling daily posts to align with marketing, promotions and current events.

  • Writing captions for all scheduled posts, including relevant hashtags and geotags.

  • Daily reposting of stories, including graphics, captions, hashtags & geotags.

  • Keep Highlights up to date with relevant stories

  • Develop monthly paid ads and promotions, run ads and promotion within budget. Track ROI, and deliver reporting.

  • Work with influencers and businesses to build collaboration relationships. Monthly collaborations. Track ROI and deliver reporting.

  • Research and expand Annee’s Caphê’s market into different locations and demographics.

  • Research latest Instagram and Facebook trends and implement those trends.

  • Posts relevant and engaging links to Facebook weekly.

  • Posts relevant and engaging questions, content, and discussions with followers on Facebook weekly.

  • Answer and response to all questions, comments and reviews.

  • Work with Marketing & Event Team to develop contests and competitions.

  • Work with Team-Leads to create “news” content for posting.

  • Work with Design & Branding for up to date Merch, logos, animations, videos and all content to be posted.

  • Review all of Annee’s social media insight and analytic; provide monthly report on progress.


  • Marketing Experience N/A (1+year is advantageous)

  • Provide understanding of current social media trends, and its relevance to a business

  • Excellent communicator

  • Independent and self-motivated but capable of working in a team

  • Able to consistently keep Management up to date with work and progress

  • Exceptional organisation skill

  • Demonstrate passion for the work that you do

  • Must be flexible and adapt quickly with a growing and changing company

  • Show that you want to grow individually and within the company

  • Ready for an adventure!


Part-Time, between 15-20 hours a week, Monday-Friday.

I believe in growth for everyone who is a part of our A-Team, and as being a part of a thriving business, this is an excellent chance for you to grow your skills and build an everlasting portfolio for your future career, that I am however, confident will still be with us ☺ This opportunity is for anyone who is passionate about marketing, being creative and being a part of a team that all around strives to make a difference. This is an exciting time to join Annee’s Caphê Sua Da as we have great plans for expansions and developments in the near future.