A-Signature Coffee Brewer

We have A-Unique way of running A-Caphê Bar and it’s essential that employees are skillful at adapting to new experiences. ACSD employees are required to work mornings, weekends and must be prepared to maintain flexibility with company growth.

A-Signature Coffee Brewer

This position requires successful applicants to work both independently and as part of A-Team.

A-Team is considerably dependent on the quality of A-Signature Coffee Brewers skill set. As A-Signature Coffee Brewer provides a vital role in the production of our process.

For the most part A-Signature Coffee Brewers are not required to deal directly with customers. However it may be necessary on occasion.

“Thorough communication with A-Team and A-Manager is a fundamental role of any position at ACSD.”

A-Signature Coffee Brewer responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • All back of house brewing and production

  • Collection of supplies needed for production

  • Cleaning and washing during trade hours

  • Maintaining all work station cleanliness

  • Willing to learn and adapt to A-Signature Production

  • Sound knowledge, quality and consistency control

  • Morning opening and set up

  • Filling, refilling, and cleaning of kegs

  • Brewing of coffee and making of cold brew

  • Preparing coffee for next day opening

  • Logging, recording, and labelling product and process

Previous experience in hospitality/coffee industries is desirable.

Annee’s Caphê Sua Da: “ believes in the greater good of tomorrow.”

Please include: A cover letter along with your resume, detailing why you should become the next A-Signature Coffee Brewer at ACSD!

Expressions of interest are welcomed, please indicate your preferred location of interest.